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How We Help

You may think being a landlord is a lot of work, but it doesn't have to be. At Pulse Realty & Investments we take the stress and hard work out of owning investment properties in Southern California. 

It is well known that there are many benefits to owning rental properties, but, its not just buying a rental property that assures financial success; efficient management provides the cash flow that leads to wealth.

Pulse Realty & Investments can provide you with the necessary assistance for you to self-manage your property effectively or we can provide outstanding full service property management.

The Pulse Realty & Investment Management Team works full-time to ensure property owners can relax knowing their property is well maintained and rent is collected promptly. 

The Management Process

The first step in the management process is for Pulse Realty & Investments to perform a no-obligation, written rental appraisal. The rental appraisal contains comparitive properties to support our rental figure. We will never inflate the rental estimate of your property just to gain your business. We choose a price that we believe achieves a balance between maximum rent and shortest vacancy period. You are, of course welcome to choose the rental figure for your property.

From there, if you are happy with the service we provide, we ask you to sign an Agency Agreement. This authorizes us to act on your behalf with regards to the property, such as advertising, showing to prospective tenants and signing a tenancy agreement with your new tenant.

The third major step in the management process is for us to find the most suitable tenant for your property. We do this by following the steps below:

  • Advertise your property on our website ( and other media outlets upon request
  • Show property at peak times in addition to specific appointments at tenant request (and property availability)
  • Process applications (within 24 business hours of receipt where possible), including, but not limited to:
  • Check rental, personal and employment references
  • Check TICA (tenancy default) database
  • Phone the landlord to make our recommendation
  • Phone successful applicant to book a time to sign tenancy documentation

From there you can rely on your rental income being paid to you by the first business day of each month with statements emailed to you in addition to any invoices paid. Your first inspection report will be emailed to you within the first month of tenancy.

You can rely on regular correspondence, efficient service and personal attention for your property. After all, we are Southern California's own property management specialists.


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