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A Culture of Service 

We are a client-centric firm.  Our goal is to exceed the expectations we set with you in our Marketing Plan and budget that is uniquely tailored for your property. 


Whether you are a buyer, seller, landlord or tenant, you can't make good decisions without good information. A careful analysis is made of each client need to make sure all issues have been addressed and a game plan to meet the objective is agreed upon. Setting expectations and exceeding them is our goal. Pulse Real Estate & Investments has a depth of tools not typical of residential real estate firms; tapping into our many resources for up-to-date market data on rents, pricing, and more, we also subscribe to the larger clearing houses and databases that are traditionally used in commercial real estate. Clients enjoy reliable, easy to understand analysis of their needs translated into a specific action plan that Pulse Realty & Investments then executes to meet client objectives.


Selling property and leasing space requires a careful analysis of needs to deliver a broad and targeted effort. Pulse Realty & Investments carefully identifies the profile of a buyer or tenant and then builds the marketing plan around that profile. Memberships in nationally and regionally recognized clearing houses coupled with this localized target marketing effort is the unique combination necessary to achieve the desired results.

We are one of the only firms in Orange County to employ a fulltime Marketing Director. Installing a sign and listing vacant space on "the multiple listing service” is only the beginning of what we believe it takes to buy, sell & lease property. Using an innovative approach, each property is carefully marketed and a potential set of target users is identified and approached. These marketing techniques result in shorter time frames to secure a buyer, better quality offerings and a healthier long term business relationship with our clients.

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